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Pangnual Studio

The design studio of sister Illustrators, Nualtong & Pattreeda Prasarnthong, is a collaboration bringing together unique styles and techniques of work. With Nualtong's graphic feminine characters and Pattreeda’s silhouette illustrations and collages, they mix their characters and illustrations together capturing the spirit of a place, time, and personality through approachable graphics that appeal to a wide audience.


PANG - Pattreeda Prasarnthong

Patreeda’s illustrations convey a cheerful sense of colour in the bright shapes she uses to give everyone seeing her work a big smile!  


Her love of collage comes from the passion she has for scrap paper.  This passion culminated into her project "When Scrap is Not Crap" which she exhibited in 2012.  


Since graduating with a master’s degree in Sequential Design and Illustration at Brighton University, Pattreeda has been working on commissioned art assignments since 2005 for a wide variety of clients and publications which range from small scale, self-initiated picture books to multinational business commissions. Her work covers a broad spectrum from packaging to printed media to animation. Her clients included Ikea, Kleenex, Converse,and Coca Cola (Thailand).


NUAL - Nualtong Prasarnthong

Nualtong’s drawings of fabulous girls filled with dynamic and swooping gestures reflect her energy and hip personality. Her focus is painting fashionable girls in amazing outfits and accessories who often look away from the viewer. She finds when eyes look out of frame you can leave viewers to create their own imaginations of what characters may be thinking or doing.


Her illustrations have been published in many magazines, “pocket-books”, music album covers, incorporated in music videos, beauty product packaging, and textile design. Nualtong was selected to be an artist of the opening events for Louis Vuitton stores in Singapore (2009), Korea (2010), Malaysia (2010), and Vietnam (2013).


Besides continuing to work as a freelance illustrator, she was a lecturer for illustration courses at the communication design department in her alma mater, Chulalongkorn University.  Following her graduation from Chulalongkorn University’s Commerce and Accountancy faculty, she pursued a master's degree in Design Studies at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom.




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